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Train as a family mediator

Interested in training as a family mediator? See below for FAQs and explanations.

We offer training to equip people to work as family mediators within our affiliated local services. The training is in two stages – the Certificate in Family Mediation (Accredited) and the Certificate in Family Mediation (Registered). The CFM (A) covers the social and legal context of family life in Scotland, the diverse needs of children and families, particularly those experiencing separation or divorce, conflict management, the role of the reflective practitioner and supervision in promoting good practice and the process and practice of mediation. This is foundation training and it does not assume any prior knowledge of mediation.

The CFM (R) builds upon the learning from the CFM (A) and integrates learning from practice with further academic study and specialist training on a range of topics including advanced skills and alternative models and theories.

We offer further courses for our mediators, for example in Direct Consultation with Children and The Certificate in Mediator Supervision. We also provide a Continuing Professional Development programme to develop their knowledge and skills further.

We have over 20 years of experience in delivering training for family mediators. Both our mediation courses have academic credit rating and professional validation. Individuals on the course find the learning experience challenging and rewarding. We constantly review and develop our training to respond to evaluations and changes in the external environment and we have rigorous quality assurance procedures.

Relationships Scotland was formed through the merger of Family Mediation Scotland and Relate Scotland in 2008. Our vision is to offer integrated family support services in our local services throughout Scotland. The national office delivers a range of training courses to make that vision possible.

It is important that family mediators are articulate and interested in people, with excellent communication and listening skills. It is desirable that they have a qualification or experience in a related field. They are expected to be able to work at degree level (SCQF level 9) and to be computer literate. Participants need to have a practice base in a local Relationships Scotland service. Selection is carried out by our affiliated local services who recruit according to their need for more mediators.

In order to participate in the CFM (R), participants must be an Accredited Mediator working in a local service affiliated with Relationships Scotland and have completed the CFM(A) or equivalant.

Yes, local services follow a formal selection process which includes the completion of an application form and an interview.
Our training is delivered by qualified and experienced mediators and trainers from the national office or the Relationships Scotland network. We also bring in specialist presenters where appropriate.
The CFM (A) is a combination of distance learning, four ‘facilitated learning’ training weekends and service-based practice learning, which includes mentored co-mediation practice and supervision. Students are expected to participate in interactive training exercises and extensive skills practice. Students evidence their learning through written work and assessed mediation practice. An estimated 250 hours of work is required over a period of 12 to 18 months.

The second stage, the CFM (R), is a combination of service based practice learning, including a minimum of 30 hours mediation practice, distance learning including self- directed reading and attendance at two Continuing Professional Development events. Mediators evidence their learning through written work and mediation practice. An estimated 250 hours of work is required over a period of 18 to 24 months.

Both stages of the training are part time and a significant proportion of it is distance learning, providing a great deal of flexibility. The CFM(A) facilitated learning takes place on weekend dates that are fixed and it is important that everyone participates in these. The service-based learning can be arranged with the local service. Mediation can be offered to clients in the evenings and at weekends, as well as through the day. It may be necessary to be available on a week day for meetings (such as induction) in the local service.
The training has professional validation from the College of Mediators and academic credit rating from Napier University (25 credits at SCQF level 9 for each stage).

Upon successful completion of the CFM(A) mediators achieve Accredited mediator status with Relationships Scotland and are eligible to solo mediate within the local service. Upon successful completion of the CFM (R) mediators achieve Registered mediator status with Relationships Scotland. Accredited and Registered mediators are protected under the Civil Evidence (Family Mediation) (Scotland) Act 1995 and are eligible to join the Scottish Mediation Network Register of Mediators.

The cost of the course is funded jointly by the local service and the national office, although students may be asked to make a contribution. Contact your local service manager for more details.
If relevant training has already been undertaken, it may be possible to gain exemption from certain parts of the course. Assessment is made through the Relationships Scotland Accreditation of Prior Learning and Experience process. Each application is considered on its own merit and evidence of prior learning or experience needs to be provided. This is most appropriate for those that have trained in mediation with another organisation.
Mediators usually continue working for their local service after the successful completion of their training. This is often on a sessional basis, with times agreed between the mediator and the local service to meet client needs. Most services pay an hourly rate, although some mediators work on a voluntary basis.
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Course Dates 2017

Some Member Services are currently recruiting trainee mediators to participate in the CFM (A) 2017 – if you would like to know more please contact the following Services:

AVENUE, Tel: 01224 587571, E-mail:

Family Mediation Central Scotland, Tel: 01786 472984, E-mail:

Family Mediation Shetland, 01595 743859, E-mail:

For more information about the course contact, ring 0345 119 2020 and speak to Diana in the Professional Practice Department