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I’m having sex problems

If your sexual relationship isn’t giving you the pleasure or satisfaction it once did, or if it never has, then you may find talking to a sex therapist helpful. Talking about your sexual relationship may seem a little strange at first, but you will be talking to someone who is trained and skilled in working…

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Sex problems

Sex problems A couple’s sexual relationship is something they work out for themselves. How often you have sex, when and what you do is personal to your relationship. As long as you both enjoy it and it’s not harming anyone else, then it’s your choice. However, if your sexual relationship isn’t giving you the pleasure…

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I’m having relationship problems

Perhaps you would benefit from relationship counselling. We can help you to work through problems in current relationships, explore the effects of past relationships or look at how to improve and enrich relationships for the future. Counsellors working in Relationships Scotland counselling services offer relationship counselling to anyone over 16 throughout Scotland. We work with all…

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How counselling helps

couple embrace

How counselling helps Relationship Counselling is available to anyone in Scotland over 16 who is worried about or wants to explore the impact of their adult relationships. You don’t have to be in a relationship to come for counselling. You can come if you’re single, in a civil partnership, married, living with someone, separated, divorced,…

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What happens at counselling

What happens at counselling If you decide that relationship counselling can help you, the first step is to get in touch with your nearest service or call 0345 119 2020. Not all services are open all the time so if you call and get an answer phone please leave your name and a number where…

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Welcome to Relationships Scotland

Welcome to Relationships Scotland We’re Scotland’s largest provider of relationship counselling, family mediation and child contact centre services Find out more about how we can help Find your nearest service We’ve launched some new Parenting Apart resources Learn more How can we help you? I’m having relationship problems I’m going through a divorce/separation I’m trying…

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Relationship Counselling

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Relationship Counselling 99% of counselling clients would recommend Relationships Scotland services to others   Relationship counselling helps people with their relationships. We can help you to work through problems in current relationships, explore the effects of past relationships or look at how to improve and enrich relationships for the future. We work with all relationship…

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The Way We Are Now 2016/17

This report is the sixth and final in a series presenting findings from The Way We Are Now survey of over 5,000 people across the UK, providing a unique window into the state of our couple and sexual relationships, our families, our relationships at work, and our social relationships. In this report we examine the…

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The Way We Are Now 2016

The Way We Are Now 2016 – an annual study of the relationships of over 5000 people across the UK by Relate and Relationships Scotland. The study was carried out by YouGov. Fieldwork was undertaken between 18th June and 7th July 2016. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are…

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Annual Review 2015

In the past year, the Relationships Scotland Network provided face-to-face support for over 15,000 people across the country The Relationships Scotland Network offers a unique Scotland-wide family and relationship support service. Our Network of 22 Member Services helps people cope with relationship problems, separation and divorce. We work with individuals, couples, families and children to…

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