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Stuart Valentine                            Stuart Valentine

Chief Executive

0131 514 1046


Stuart is the Chief Executive of Relationships Scotland, having previously been the Chief Executive of Glasgow City Mission.

Stuart will be using this blog to reflect on the work of Relationships Scotland, involving as it does the many complexities of family and relationship life, particularly through the lens of support services such as relationship counselling, family mediation and child contact centres.


Rosanne Cubitt

Rosanne Cubitt

Head of Practice for Family Mediation

0131 514 1069

Rosanne oversees the development of mediation training and practice standards. She liaises with external agencies and leads on new initiatives such as Parenting Apart. Rosanne is a member of the Corporate Management Team.



Mike Reid

Mike Reid

Head of Corporate Services

0131 514 1065

Mike is in charge of all finances for Relationships Scotland, primarily budgets, accounts and payroll, plus IT, HR, health and safety and building management, as well as being a member of the Corporate Management Team.



Heather Lickley

Heather Lickley

Head of Network Services

0131 514 1066

Heather is responsible for quality assurance and supporting  Member Services to meet and maintain standards. She also collects national annual statistics and data on client outcomes. Heather is part of the Corporate Management Team.


Eileen Brownlie

Head of Practice for Contact Centres

0131 514 2060

Eileen overseas the development of Child Contact Centres training and practice standards and procedures.  Liaises with external bodies on training and policy development.  Part of the Corporate Management Team.








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