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Relationships Scotland offers a variety of training courses including CPD events, Relationship Counsellor qualifications, and Family Mediator training.

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CPD Programme

CPD events are offered throughout the year on a wide range of topics, primarily for practitioners across the Relationships Scotland Network although they may be open to practitioners from external organisations when spaces are available.

Relationship counsellor training

Relationship counsellor training

We have over 50 years of experience in delivering training in couple and relationship counselling and sexual therapy, both independently and in association with Relate in England. Counsellors trained with us can access placements and supervision through Member Services across the country, which makes Relationships Scotland a great place to train.

Certificate in Couple Counselling

Are you already a qualified counsellor working with individuals?  Would you like to work with couples? Then our Certificate in Couple Counselling might be for you.  The course is specifically designed to develop individual counsellors skills and knowledge to enable them to work safely and professionally with couples.

The next Cert CC course will begin in April 2024. Applications are invited to join this cohort.

For more information download the Cert CC Course Prospectus 2022-2023 or contact the course administrator or Course Director Janet Brown or call 0345 119 2020.

Diploma in Relationship Counselling

The most recent course completed in Dec 2021. We are reviewing the options for delivery of the next course. For more information download DiRC Course Prospectus 2019-2021 or contact the course administrator or call 0345 119 2020.

Diploma in Sex and Relationship Therapy

The most recent course completed in 2021. We do not expect to start another delivery of the course in 2021 or 2022.  For more information contact the course administrator or call 0345 119 2020.

Family mediator training

We have over 30 years of experience in delivering training for family mediators in Scotland. The Certificate in Family Mediation includes two modules: Module One-Certificate in Family Mediation (Accredited) and Module Two-Certificated in Family Mediation (Registered). The course is managed, delivered and awarded by Relationships Scotland and leads to an award on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. The course is credit rated by the University of the West of Scotland and awarded 50 credits at SCQF level 9. External professional validation is from The College of Mediators.

For more information please see:

Alternatively, you can contact the course administrator or call 0345 119 2020.

The Certificate in Family Mediation 2023 will begin in November 2023.  The key course dates can be found HERE. 5 of our Member Services are looking to recruit trainees this year. Contact details for these Member Services are below:

Relationship Scotland- Counselling and Family Mediation Western Isles - Telephone: 01851 705600 Email:

Relationships Scotland - Family Mediation West of Scotland - Telephone: 0141 332 2731 Email:

Family Mediation Central Scotland - Telephone: 01786 472 984 Email:

Relationships Scotland - Family Mediation Highland - Telephone: 01463 712 100 Email: