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Posts by Sonya Murray

Free to every reader: an extra hour a day

Work-life balance is relatively new in the UK. A couple of decades ago people just worked as hard as they could for as long as they could. This, of course, impacted on their health. Children often didn’t spend time with their fathers so family life was hectic to say the least. We have moved on,…

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Postnatal depression, Victoria Beckham and early parenting

I just about fell over when I saw the front of OK! Magazine this week. A fab photo of Victoria Beckham and a story about how she got over PND  (postnatal depression). Although I have written about antenatal and postnatal depression for a while now, I’ve never connected Victoria to it. Here are the facts:…

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Want to be a more organised parent?

Image: alitaylor

For most mums and dads, especially in the early days of parenting, life is full on and sometimes too much. At this busy point in people’s lives relationships weaken, time with friends becomes a luxury and a little “me” time goes to the bottom of most people’s lists. This can result in isolation, feeling sad,…

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