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We’re looking for couples to take part in a ground-breaking couple counselling documentary

Zodiak Media

As a charity we are interested in dispelling myths about relationship counselling and, where appropriate and with permission, telling the real life stories of the couples we support. We are working with Zodiak Media on a new 6 part series following couples going through the process of relationship counselling by filming a course of counselling sessions over…

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Does marriage makes you happier?

112 weddings beach scene

Our new study of more than 5,000 people in the UK has lifted the lid on the state of our relationships. The Way We Are Now 2014 is one of the largest studies of its kind. It provides a window into the most important areas of our lives – from couple and family life to sex,…

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Tell us your relationship story

older couple

In August 2014 we will be launching a major piece of research exploring the state of the UK’s relationships. The report gives us a snapshot of all kinds of relationships, from couples to colleagues. To help us to bring the research to life and show what it means to different people across Scotland we would…

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How separated parents can survive Christmas

child xmas - Some rights reserved by Lars Plougmann via Flickr Creative Commons

Christmas should be a magical time of year for families, a chance to come together, open presents and have fun. For families who have gone through the turmoil of a divorce it can mean heightened emotions and stress as they try to do what’s best for their children despite their separation. What starts out as…

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The Ten Best Winter Family Days Out in Scotland

Pentland Hills Image courtesy of 'Rich B-S' via Flickr

Creative Commons Image courtesy of ‘Rich B-S’ via Flickr In Scotland we are so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful scenery and wonderful parks. With this in mind we decided to compile the top ten outdoor family days out. These are the places that we trek to for our favourite picnic spot or the beautiful…

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How Divorcées can Survive Valentine’s Day

This is a special guest post from Maggie Currie. Going through divorce often leaves you feeling that you have nobody to rely on, other than yourself. So take advantage of you and really look after yourself on this day. Turn the focus of your attention to you. Buy yourself something special, something you will really…

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Relationships are Trending

Stuart Valentine

  Stuart Valentine, Chief Executive of Relationships Scotland Today we have heard the news that the Scottish Government has begun the process that may lead to the introduction of same sex marriage in Scotland, the first part of the UK to make such a move. This week also saw the publication of the UK Government’s…

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The small things

Richard Burton showered Elizabeth Taylor with some spectacular gifts during their tempestuous romance – jewellery, yachts, cars, furs and of course the famous $1 million dollar Taylor-Burton diamond. Such grand gestures of love are reserved for the small few who can afford to make them, and whilst I’m sure many a lady wouldn’t turn her…

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Want to be a more organised parent?

Image: alitaylor

For most mums and dads, especially in the early days of parenting, life is full on and sometimes too much. At this busy point in people’s lives relationships weaken, time with friends becomes a luxury and a little “me” time goes to the bottom of most people’s lists. This can result in isolation, feeling sad,…

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The family team

Image: Martin Keane

When you start out on this great journey we call parenthood it is easy to forget about teamwork. You see, to me being part of a family is like being part of a team. We all have roles to play and we’re all essential to our families running smoothly. That’s not to say there is…

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