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Maureen Smyth: It’s Playtime!

Children in Park

Are you one of the thousands of guilt-tripped parents in the UK reading stories in the press berating you for either working too much and stunting your child’s emotional and intellectual development?  Or for taking time off work to raise your children but then having the temerity to claim available benefits (to which you’ve contributed…

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Julie-Ann Murphy: Diary of the Easter Holidays

Family playing Scrabble

  “I decraited a joolrai box with my mummy today. It was lovlai doing stuf with her.”   -Nia, aged 6. My heart melted a little when I read this in my daughters ‘school holiday’ journal. She’d written so many pages in her neatest handwriting, noting down the fun things she’d been up to over…

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Nicola Skinner: How to spend time with your child


Nicola Skinner offers her own personal guide to spending time with your children. My daughter was born in the early hours of Valentine’s Day, two years ago. After lots of shouting and screaming – mostly at my husband – a solemn naked baby was placed in my arms. I looked down at her, and she…

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Child Contact Centre Awareness Week: Myths and Truths

Family Walking

  It’s Child Contact Centre Awareness Week in Scotland and in Europe. For those who are unaware of what a child contact centre does, Pauline Nimmo addresses some common myths and truths to shed more light.              Myths Child Contact Centres are full of junkies, paedophiles and alcoholics. CCC are not full of ‘junkies, paedophiles…

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