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Christmas dinners

It starts in our house with me asking hubby to go up the loft for the tree and decorations, usually about September to give him plenty of time to say he’ll do it at the weekend and then never do it. Then, the night of the tree going up, in my haphazard and non-creative fashion,…

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How to avoid a Christmas crime scene

The idea of an extended family get-together can be absolutely the best thing about Christmas for many people, but for some, we have to acknowledge, it can be the most stressful. Even in intact families problems can arise if in-laws don’t get along: I’m lucky with my own in-laws so I asked a counsellor colleague,…

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This is a special guest post by Relationships Scotland volunteer Janis McCulloch. Halloween was one of my favourite times of year as a child. It meant making costumes with my mum and dooking for apples at the school party. I remember my mum making me an amazing Little Red Riding Hood costume out of crepe…

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