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Easter eggs, grandparents and the wee black house

black house

Guest post from Maureen Smyth, Writer/Editor with Shelter UK and Social Media Volunteer with Relationships Scotland. I gave up buying Easter eggs years ago. Yes, I miss the satisfying sound of the thin chocolate shell breaking, and there is something extra tasty about chocolate in an egg shape. But it’s a very inefficient chocolate delivery…

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Connecting Generations: #theyregrand

This is a guest post by Bernadette Lynass of Family Mediation South Lanarkshire to mark today’s launch of the #theyregrand Twitter campaign. Relationships Scotland works to support all family relationships and our Connecting Generations project focuses on supporting grandparents to maintain meaningful, on-going relationships with their families. There are an estimated 14 million grandparents in…

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Age Scotland guest post: #theyregrand

This is a guest post from Age Scotland’s Claire Connachan to coincide with the launch of the #theyregrand campaign. Grandma, Nana, Oma, Granny, Gramma and Nanny are just a few names for a grandmother. How about Granddad, Pappy, Gramps or Grandpa? The words reflect just how flexible and varied the role of a grandparent is…

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Caramel Granny

I have just recently lost my Granny who passed away last week. Now we are all sharing memories of her it seems to me that food features in an awful lot of them. I think the reason for this is that firstly my Gran was a dinner lady and was of that generation that somehow…

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The best of both

Children who are looked after by their grandparents rather than attending private nurseries develop better and are more emotionally secure, according to recent research. Love and trust were cited as the two main motivators for parents who choose to have their children’s grandparents provide childcare whilst they work. Although the study found that children attending…

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