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Julie-Ann Murphy: Diary of the Easter Holidays

Family playing Scrabble

  “I decraited a joolrai box with my mummy today. It was lovlai doing stuf with her.”   -Nia, aged 6. My heart melted a little when I read this in my daughters ‘school holiday’ journal. She’d written so many pages in her neatest handwriting, noting down the fun things she’d been up to over…

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The small things

Richard Burton showered Elizabeth Taylor with some spectacular gifts during their tempestuous romance – jewellery, yachts, cars, furs and of course the famous $1 million dollar Taylor-Burton diamond. Such grand gestures of love are reserved for the small few who can afford to make them, and whilst I’m sure many a lady wouldn’t turn her…

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The best of both

Children who are looked after by their grandparents rather than attending private nurseries develop better and are more emotionally secure, according to recent research. Love and trust were cited as the two main motivators for parents who choose to have their children’s grandparents provide childcare whilst they work. Although the study found that children attending…

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Sitting in the back row

I can’t remember the last time I had a night out with my husband. You know, a proper one where we pack the kids off to the grandparents for the night, get on our best clobber and head out to do the things we used to do before the children arrived. Like the ones we…

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