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Learning from MIAMs in England and making it work in Scotland

Rosanne Cubitt, Mediator and Head of Professional Practice (Mediation) Relationships Scotland is calling for more families to be made aware of mediation as an alternate route to court action and, off the back of our manifesto, we are asking for a change to the current law to make this happen We are encouraged by the…

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Why I’ll buy my own mother’s day gift this year


Guest blog post from Claire McLauchlin-Whitehead on Mother’s Day gift buying. As I scan through page after page of various jewellers websites I get as giddy as a magpie as all the shiny baubles catch my eye. I know I have to place my order soon to make sure I have it for mothering Sunday but I…

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Being a mum


As part of our series of guest blog posts for Mother’s Day 2014, Janis McCulloch talks about the best bits of being a new mum. Last Mother’s Day I had a very pregnant belly and was full of wonder (and fear) as to what it would be like to be a mother. A year on,…

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Things they never told me

Janis McCulloch

Guest post from Janis McCulloch – Senior Account Executive at PPS, Relationships Scotland volunteer and new mum. In April last year I became a mum for the first time. Like most new parents I had attended ante-natal classes which told me what to expect in the first few days and had lots of advice from…

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Maureen Smyth: It’s Playtime!

Children in Park

Are you one of the thousands of guilt-tripped parents in the UK reading stories in the press berating you for either working too much and stunting your child’s emotional and intellectual development?  Or for taking time off work to raise your children but then having the temerity to claim available benefits (to which you’ve contributed…

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Nicola Skinner: How to spend time with your child


Nicola Skinner offers her own personal guide to spending time with your children. My daughter was born in the early hours of Valentine’s Day, two years ago. After lots of shouting and screaming – mostly at my husband – a solemn naked baby was placed in my arms. I looked down at her, and she…

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Case Study: Using a Child Contact Centre

Continuing our informative series of blogs for Child Contact Centre Awareness Week, Paula McGuire interviews one set of parents about their experience of using a centre. When starting a family, no-one expects to be arranging contact with their child somewhere down the line.  It’s no wonder then that Child Contact Centres aren’t at the forefront…

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Jangle bells?

This December, several thousand families across Scotland will be facing their first Christmas separated or divorced. It is hard for even the most relaxed family to get through to Boxing Day without some crisis, tantrum or disaster, but when there is the added pressure of a family living apart because of separation or divorce, the…

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Parenting in Scotland: what do our children really need?

The Scottish Government launches its national parenting strategy on 3 October 2012. I am delighted that there is to be a National Parenting Strategy and thinking about this has caused me to reflect on what children in Scotland – and indeed worldwide – actually need in order to thrive. I am a parent, I worked…

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