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Child Contact Centre Awareness Week: Myths and Truths

Family Walking

  It’s Child Contact Centre Awareness Week in Scotland and in Europe. For those who are unaware of what a child contact centre does, Pauline Nimmo addresses some common myths and truths to shed more light.              Myths Child Contact Centres are full of junkies, paedophiles and alcoholics. CCC are not full of ‘junkies, paedophiles…

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Child contact centres are here to help

We’ve just had child contact centre awareness week and another successful drop-in day to promote our centre so I feel compelled to say a few things about it. I have been involved with the child contact centre for all the too-long-to-remember time I’ve been with my service. While doing my counselling diploma I applied for…

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Caramel Granny

I have just recently lost my Granny who passed away last week. Now we are all sharing memories of her it seems to me that food features in an awful lot of them. I think the reason for this is that firstly my Gran was a dinner lady and was of that generation that somehow…

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Bye bye, baby

Image: benny201

It’s now been five months since I tearfully waved my elder son off to London. He has gone with his girlfriend to experience the Big Smoke. That’s not what I was saying at the time though. It was more along the lines of “My son has been stolen by a woman and taken to a really, really…

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Flown the nest – Pauline Nimmo

Pauline Nimmo

I am married with two sons and one budgie. My elder son who is 23 has just recently left home for London. I have been with RS FM SL for 10 years where I started as a volunteer at the child contact centre. My background is in childcare and I trained as a counsellor. I…

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