About us

The Relationships Scotland Network

The Relationships Scotland Network is a unique partnership that provides relationship counselling, family mediation, child contact centres and many other forms of family support services across all of mainland and island Scotland.

Our work supports individuals, couples, children and families experiencing relationship difficulties.  Around 45,000 people have contact with our services each year.

The Relationships Scotland National Office in Edinburgh supports our network of 21 Member Services.  The National Office provides training, professional development and quality assurance of our practitioners and Member Services.  We are a national voice for relationship support and we work closely with the Scottish Government to influence political and legislative policy development.

We wholeheartedly support the principle of equal opportunities and oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, culture, religion or belief, age, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital / civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, disability, or socio-economic group.

We are a FairWork First employer. Our FairWork First statement can be found here.

Children’s Rights

Relationships Scotland believes that every child and young person should grow up loved, safe and respected in empowered and resilient families and communities.

The Relationships Network shares the ambition to strive for excellence in policy, practice and culture so Scotland can #KeepThePromise

See our Statement of Support for the Promise here.

Child Right and Wellbeing Impact Assessments (CRWIA) are an important tool to identify, research, analyse and record the anticipated impact of any proposed law policy, service or other measures on children's rights and wellbeing. At Relationships Scotland they ensure that children and young people stay at the centre of our decision making and planning.

Read our full CRWIA statement here



Relationships Scotland believes that behaviour that seeks to secure power and control, or instil fear for one person over another through violence, coercion, control and inequality is unacceptable. We support people to live with dignity and safety and to enjoy healthy relationships, and we respect the rights of all people, in all their diversity. We believe that people have the capacity to change their behaviour and how they relate to others. We take seriously our responsibility for ensuring safety for adults, children and young people.

If you have concerns about your own safety or the safety of others please go to Family Support Page.


External Accreditation

We are accredited by various external bodies - Organisational Member of COSCA, Affiliated Organisation to College of Mediators and Organisational Member of Scottish Mediation.


Annual Accounts and Review, Statistics and Outcomes

View our latest, Annual Accounts and Annual Review.

Read our latest Annual Statistics and Outcomes Analysis.



We take client feedback seriously and as such we have an easy to understand National Complaints Policy and Procedures.   There is also Guidance for People wishing to Make a Complaint which will help you to understand better the process and who to approach if you  want to make a complaint.


National Policies

The Relationships Scotland Network operates under nationally agreed policies that cover issues such as Child ProtectionDomestic AbuseEquality & DiversityConfidentiality and Adult Support and Protection. These policies cover all areas of our work, including relationship counselling, family mediation and child contact centres. See our overarching Safeguarding Policy here.


Further Information and General Enquiries

For further details, please contact the Member Service that covers your area. For any other enquiries, please e-mail our Chief Executive - stuart.valentine@relationships-scotland.org.uk

For all media enquiries please contact Stuart Valentine – Chief Executive