We all experience conflict at some time in our lives.  When it is within the family it can make life very difficult for everyone. It may seem strange to think about needing help to talk, but when arguments escalate people often stop hearing what the other person is saying. This is frustrating and leads to misunderstandings and people making assumptions about each other. Things can quickly get out of control and become very distressing.

Several of our centres have experience of working with young people and, usually, their parents, to help them talk through the problems they face. This might be referred to as young people and families mediation, intergenerational mediation or even homelessness mediation, because it could be an intervention that supports a young person at risk of homelessness. Everyone has a chance to say what the issues are from their point of view, and the mediator helps them to understand each other better and agree what they might do differently in the future so that arguments and difficulties reduce.

Some of our services offer support for other family members such as grandparents and their children or grandchildren. This might be about problems arising from separation or divorce, or it might be to do with conflict for other reasons. Often it helps to talk about concerns and clear up any misunderstandings with a third person – a mediator – in the room to keep things calm and make sure everyone gets listened to. New ways of communicating and new arrangements can be agreed.

Mediation is for everyone in your family – young people, parents, step parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Please contact your nearest service to find out if they can help.