Child Contact Centres

99% of child contact centre clients would recommend the service to others


In the aftermath of a breakup, it can sometimes be difficult for a parent who does not live with their children to maintain contact with them.  Parents going through a tough divorce or separation, or arguing all the time, can find it too difficult to see each other. Children need a safe, welcoming place to spend time with their other parent or other significant family members.

Child contact centres can play an essential role in helping children affected by family breakdown to maintain relationships with the parent they no longer live with, or with other family members.

The central concept of a child contact centre is to offer a safe, friendly, neutral, child-centred environment for children to meet their non-resident parent or family member. They are designed to be a stepping stone to a more permanent arrangement for future contact.

You can spend time with your children in a supported or supervised context.  You can also use the centres to collect and return the children to the other parent at the start and end of visits.  Adults do not have to see or speak to each other at contact centres.

Relationships Scotland runs 41 child contact centres throughout Scotland.  If you need to use our services, there is probably one near you.

Have a look at the videos below to get an idea of what supported and supervised contacts are like.


“The contact centre has helped massively in terms of avoiding conflict and has played a very supportive role. The children enjoy attending and it has enabled their needs to be prioritised”


If you have concerns about your own safety or the safety of others please go to 

If you would like help to communicate better with your child’s other parent and make practical arrangements for your children, family mediation might be for you.  Mediation services are located in all parts of mainland and island Scotland.


Supported Contact:

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Supervised Contact:

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