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Video Contact is a new service which has been developed to enable children to have contact with their non-resident parent or other family member, such as a grandparent, online via webcam. This type of contact may be appropriate due to distance, disability, travel or legal constraints. A trained supervisor will remain in the Child Contact Centre room with the child at all times during the contact to provide facilitation and supervision. The person having contact with the child must have access to an internet-ready computer with speakers and a webcam.

What areas in Scotland offer Video Contact?

Some Child Contact Centre Service Providers may not currently be able to provide this type of contact.  To find out if a Service Provider in your area offers Video Contact, go to your nearest service.

Is there a charge for Video Contact?
Yes, there is a charge for this type of service provision. Charges may vary from one Service Provider to another due to the varying costs involved, such as administrative costs, travel expenses and if the contact is arranged to take place outside of the normal child contact centre operating hours. There will also be a charge for written reports. Reports are available upon request. Charges can be discussed at the time when contact arrangements are being made.

How do I arrange to have Video Contact with my child?
Arrangements can be made either directly by you or someone who is representing you, such as a friend, family member, solicitor or social worker. A Service Agreement must be signed by the person with care of the child and the person having Video Contact with the child before the contact can begin. The Service Provider that you contact will explain the procedures for Video Contact and will finalise all of the arrangements.


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