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Relationships Scotland is the largest provider of relationship counselling in the country and is the sister organisation of Relate.  We support the provision of counselling, family mediation and child contact centres through a network of 22 member services across Scotland.



Bright Light Relationship Counselling 

‘Selfie Project”
Self Help Coach (Young People)
Closing date will be 5pm 25th March 2018

For over seventy years Bright Light has provided several different high-quality therapies. We support people struggling with issues impacting on their relationships and quality of life. (For example, we address anxiety, stress, addiction, poor mental health, physical and psychological abuse, loss, breakdown of trust, disrupted communication, separation and divorce.)
We have a long track record working with children and young people. We work out of school hours in our Edinburgh based centre as well as in schools in the Lothians and in the city. We are proud to promote psychological wellbeing among the young. Through our family therapy team, we also reach out to their wider family members.
Selfie Project
Young people are asking us to give them the life tools they need to find their way through life. They want to be safe and free. They want to communicate better and with confidence. They want to be strong and feel good. They want to understand the world, their place in it and themselves (hence selfie).
They are mindful some of the pitfalls of adolescence: relationship abuse, revenge porn, sexting, coercion and loneliness.
The Coach will support their growing ability to cope. You will enable them to find their inner strength and capitalise on it. You will work alongside them, creating conditions for them to realise their full potential. They will become authors of their own positive destinations, shaping their future.

Project Development
You will also develop the Agency’s expertise in the area. You will represent Bright Light on EVOC’s Children, Young People and Families network. You will reach out to schools and youth organisations, offering specialist support to them. You will network throughout the city, making effective connections with interested parties. You will develop new areas for working in the field.
Selfie Role
As our youth coach, you will work with young people in groups and individually, also at times with their families. You will use active listening skills and recognised coaching skills and techniques to support clients. You will use a strength-based approach to set and achieve realistic goals with people. You will accompany each in their journey to self-understanding. You will help people to face their fears and overcome them. Through your help they will develop life-skills which will stay with them into the future.
You will facilitate the development of a personalised tool-box for each individual. They will have the practical skills they need to successfully negotiate their way through life.
Selfie Out Reach
Another exciting dimension to this work is that you will be asked to develop an intergenerational component to the project. We know from our seventy years of supporting people and today’s counselling work that many issues young people are struggling with have repeatedly challenged people over the years. And there are many examples of people overcoming these difficulties. People are not alone nor are they the first person to have ever felt like that. We would like you to bring older people together with the young to talk about shared experience, and learn from what worked in the past. We also know from our work that today’s world has changed much, and many older people are struggling to understand and keep up with the fast pace of modern life and new opportunities plus the threats it has brought.
You will bring people of different ages and generations together in a safe and confidential space to discuss different areas of past and current life, promoting greater understanding, empathy, respect, across the generations, sharing coping strategies and years of experience to young people going through similar challenges they managed to overcome. Older people identifying more with today’s challenges and helping to identify and seek solutions.

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Job Description

POST: Self Help Coach, (Young People)
P/T £20,147 pro rata
28 hours per week
Fixed term 2 years
(Continuation subject to funding)

ACCOUNTABLE TO: CEO, directly to Counselling Practice Manager

LOCATION: 9A Dundas Street, Edinburgh Flexible
• To represent Bright Light in relevant networks at a local level. Outreach to statutory and voluntary agencies working with Young People developing the project.
• Prepare and deliver psycho-educational group sessions as agreed with the Practice Manager and other service providers.
• Prepare a suite of self-help tools and practices which can be used as resources in the production of an individualized toolbox for service users.
• Prepare and deliver coaching sessions
• To assess client needs and create an individualized toolbox for each aimed at the individual’s mental well-being.
• To liaise with the YP Counsellors and family therapy team at Bright Light
• To liaise with CAMHS mental health teams where necessary.
• To liaise with social work teams, following child protection protocols.

Skills and experience

• This post is for an experienced self help coach.

• Educated to Diploma level you will have a recognized qualification in Listening Skills (or counselling) and/or Coaching.
• Creativity
• Experience and understanding of creative communication with young people, including creative arts.
• Previous experience in project development.
• Successful delivery of coaching/young people’s projects.
• Ability to deliver successful pilots taking the lead role
• Experience of the coaching and young peoples networks across the Lothians
• Diploma in Counselling or Psychotherapy
• Intermediate Certificate in systemic practice
• Experience of intergenerational work
• Experience of developing Life-skill tools
• Experience of working in the school environment

This post is subject to Protection of Vulnerable Groups(PVG) Scheme registration.

Equal Opportunities
In the interest of equal opportunities, we wish to ensure that information about candidates is provided in the same format and all applicants are therefore asked to complete the standard application form. We will only accept applications in alternative formats e.g. CV, audio, large print or on computer disk from disabled job applicants.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring
Remember to complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Questionnaire, which helps us to measure the effectiveness of our Equal Opportunities Policy. The information provided by you is not used as part of the selection process – all monitoring forms are detached from the application on receipt and processed separately. Those involved in short-listing and interviewing will not have access to the monitoring forms.


Louisa Richardson
Client Relationship Manager
Bright Light
9a Dundas Street

0131 556 1527

Closing Date 5pm 25th March 2018.