Relationships Scotland is the go-to organisation for journalists reporting on any aspect of relationships, sex, divorce, separation, families and parenting after separation.

We provide relationship counselling, family mediation, child contact centres and other family support services across all of mainland and island Scotland. Our work supports individuals, couples and families experiencing relationship difficulties, separation and divorce.


Our key messages:

  1. Positive and strong relationships are at the heart of a successful and vibrant Scotland.
  2. Positive relationships are essential for a successful recovery from the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and for coping with the cost-of-living crisis.
  3. Families and relationships bring meaning and purpose to people’s lives
  4. Personal and interpersonal relationships are under greater pressure than ever before, with family breakdown costing the Scottish economy around £3.5bn each year. (Relationship Foundation, Cost of Family Breakdown 2018)
  5. Over 100,000 people each year access information, counselling, mediation and family support from the Relationships Scotland Network and many more could benefit from our services.


We can offer journalists:

  • Expert comment from our range of experienced practitioners on issues including relationships, marriage, divorce, infidelity, sex, dating, family life and parenting after separation.
  • Responses to current hot topics and relationships trends.
  • Regional insight from our network of 21 Member Services – based in every region of Scotland.
  • Help sourcing evidence-based research on a wide variety of issues affecting relationships and families.
  • Seasonal content appropriate to a wide variety of publications.
  • Support to source case-studies, including couples and families who have accessed Relationships Scotland services.
  • Article contributions from a media savvy team who have written for a wide variety of publications.

Media contact: