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Train as a family mediator

Interested in training as a family mediator? See below for FAQs and explanations.

Find out more about the Certificate in Family Mediation:

Our CFM Course Guide will give you more information about the course.

For further information about the course contact the course administrator, or call 0345 119 2020.

Our mediators share their experience of the Certificate in Family Mediation:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course – the facilitators were excellent and created a genuinely supportive environment which encouraged learning.”
  • “Mentored co-mediation brought my learning to life and I was very well supported with this by my Service.”
  • “Interesting and varied articles, journals and books are available, along with the online short videos to support distance learning…The build-up of the Units was helpful and the division of subjects within each unit was clear and supported my learning.”
  • “Co-mediation and supervision really helped to bring the theory to life and give me confidence to put the process into action and to explore different areas of mediation.”
  • “The course was well designed, challenging, varied, effective and highly enjoyable.  I feel that the course catered well for people from very different backgrounds and encouraged personal and professional development in a variety of ways.”
  • “There is no doubt that for me the combination of course materials, learning activities, self-directed reading and supported practice skills combined to support my progression and growth towards this final Registration stage.”
  • “It’s been an amazing experience and I am enjoying my new found confidence as a Registered Family Mediator.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was challenging having to juggle different family commitments and complete the course but I am so glad that I did as I find being a family mediator very rewarding and fulfilling.”