Well that’s the summer done and what a contrast of weather and worlds! Sara and I seemed to arrive at a plateau of sorts, which was comfortable, insofar as we found a ‘place’ more quickly than we normally do.

Anyway, I guess the thing is that you try and create or maintain a bubble that is the ‘we/us’ and, if things are going to work, and it remains worth the effort, you have to leave your other world and join another; almost co-existing in parallel universes. The time it takes to get there is time when you aren’t together.

What makes it more complicated is that the relationship goes through phases like any other; there are just additional factors to consider relating to distance and so on. And then, of course, there is the dual life. Perhaps it seems odd to be so analytical after enjoying the summer in Sardinia, but reality prevails.

I think it’s safe to say that we have arrived at a place where we need to make some big decisions concerning our future; both in terms of where we are going and how. Much as the nuggets of sunshine and, from my perspective, the holiday feeling I get in Sardinia are great, we have been together for nearly four years.

And so there’s the hook for next time: what happens next? Stick, twist or bust …

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