At the start of Family Mediation Week 2021 we invite you to watch the video at the link below to see what happens at Family Mediation and find out how it can help parents who split up to discuss and agree a positive way forward for them as a family: watch video

86% of mediation clients tell us that family mediation has helped improve their family situation.

We support parents, children, young people and the wider family through family change and disruption, particularly where this has occurred as a result of separation, divorce, civil partnership dissolution or family restructuring. Mediation services are located in all parts of mainland and island Scotland.

The aim of mediation is to improve communication, reduce conflict and to agree on practical, workable arrangements for the future, taking into account children’s views, needs and feelings. Our focus is on putting children’s needs first and making separation less stressful for everyone.

Although mediation is primarily for couples whose relationship is over, it’s for all sorts of families – married or unmarried, divorced, separated or never having lived together, younger or older – and for anyone in your family. Parents, grandparents, step-parents, other significant adults, children and young people can all participate in family mediation.

There is more information about what happens and mediation and it can help at this link:

Conflict is normal in families, and it can arise for a number of different reasons. Sometimes it helps to get some extra support to find a good way forward. We offer a range of other Family Support services.

“It gave us a neutral place to move forward and discuss frankly all the issues at hand which did not happen when we tried on our own”

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