Toby and mum

We asked mums on Twitter and Facebook what the best thing about being a mum is. Here’s what 35 year old mum and teacher Sarah from Fife had to say…

Wow. This is actually a hard question to answer. There are so many great things about being a mum. But there are so many difficult things too.

I’m sure the best things about being a mum change as your child (or children) get older. On Mother’s Day this year my baby boy Toby will be eight and a half months old and it will be my first Mother’s Day as a mum myself. It’s never really been a day I’ve paid much attention to – I always send my mum a card and give her a ring on the day, and I seem to remember once sending her flowers when I was working in France, but I’ve never really bought my mum a present for Mother’s Day. And as my parents live 250 miles away I don’t usually see her either. Even as a mum myself I’m not that bothered about Mother’s Day. I know that in the UK it’s actually based on the Christian festival of Mothering Sunday but I tend to see it as another one of those ‘Hallmark Holidays’ that has been over commercialised to the point of taking any meaning away from it. Saying that I know I’ll be a bit miffed if I don’t get a card from Toby (although I think his dad might have to do a bit of the organisation on that one!) and I know my mum would be upset if I didn’t send her a card too.

But appreciation isn’t why we become mums. Crikey, if it was I don’t think anyone would ever have kids! So why do we do it? What is the best thing about being a mum? I can’t think of just one so I’m going to tell you a few of the things I love about being a mum, even though I’ve only been one for eight months.

I love that between me and my husband we created a whole new human being, and every time I look at Toby it amazes me.
I love the grin he gives me when I go into his room in the morning.
I love that when he’s upset or grumpy then cuddles with me will always make him feel better.
I love watching him concentrate on a new toy, or when he’s working out how to do something.
I love seeing him learn new things every day.
I love that, for now, me and his daddy are his whole world; that we are the only people he needs.
I love watching him with his daddy and seeing how the two boys I love most in the world love each other too.
I love making him giggle just by making silly noises or pulling a face.
I love spending time with my baby every day…..and I love it when he sleeps and I get a few minutes to myself!

Being a mum is so much harder than I ever thought it would be but it is so rewarding too. The love you feel for your baby isn’t like anything you have ever felt before and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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