My name is Yvonne and I live with my husband in the East Neuk of Fife, which is a lovely place to call home. Mind you, my true home is Glasgow where I was born, brought up and educated. I have two children in their mid-20s, one in Glasgow and the other in Aberdeen.

When I think about who I am, the list is quite long, for I have been different at times: a daughter, a sister, a friend, a pupil, a Brownie, a student (where else would a Glaswegian go but Glasgow University?), a barmaid, a shelf stacker, a waitress, a wife twice, a widow, a teacher, a mother, a Children’s Panel member, a Citizen’s Advice advisor and now a family mediator with Relationships Scotland.

I love to travel and have been lucky enough to see many parts of the world. I love to read, fiction mainly and yes, I belong to a book group. I enjoy most kinds of music, but primarily I am a child of the 60s. I am fascinated by politics. Overall, though, my family and friends mean everything to me.

My aim is to write about once a month, mainly of my experience as a family mediator, keeping confidentiality in mind. For example, who are the mediators and what is mediation about? Why is it a good idea? What are the common issues and how can they be resolved? Is it successful?  Other services offered? By doing this I hope to inform, entertain and open up the possibilities of mediation to a wider audience.

I hope you’ll join me.

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