Our current world is confusing, stressful and uncertain, with people generally concerned for their future. We find both our mental wellbeing and physical health can be affected. There is a need in this turmoil to care for ourselves and seek a balanced body and mind connection.

Easier said than done, but we know that secure and compassionate relationships help this. A vast amount of research from the world of neuroscience proves it to be so. Imagine relationships like the ripples from a pebble dropped in water. They start with a person understanding and caring for themselves, then ripple out to care for our partners, family, friends, work colleagues, community and onwards nationally and globally. To look after our mental as well as our physical health is not ‘selfish’ but essential to be able to connect in a positive way with others. I ask you to take a few minutes from reading this to consider if you look after yourself. How would you describe your own relationships? Are some good, some not so good and some in between?





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