Dad with two children

Relationships Scotland have been working with our lawyer mediator colleagues from CALM Scotland to put together a proposal to encourage families with disputes over contact arrangements to look in to their options for resolving their differences, prior to going to court.  It is widely accepted that if parents can find a way to move forward after separation or divorce, without their children getting caught up in the cross fire of an adversarial legal process, it is better for everyone.  We have started a process of seeking wider views on a pilot scheme that would operate in 4 court areas, where those pursuing contact actions would attend an information meeting to find out how best to agree arrangements.  This would include information about mediation and Parenting Apart sessions. Details of the proposal can be read here  This proposal has been discussed with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Legal Aid Board and we are consulting with other stakeholders over the next few weeks.  We are hoping a decision will be made on taking the proposal forward early in 2017.  If you would like to comment on this proposal, please contact Rosanne Cubitt

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