In recent months I’ve discovered what happens when you don’t invest in one key relationship in your life. I’ve continued to plough all my energies and efforts into the many relationships with friends, family and colleagues that I am very fortunate to have, but I forgot about one important person; one relationship that when left unattended can have an impact on everything and everyone else around.

That’s me.

I’ve not been properly looking after myself, and this week in particular it really showed. Life races past at a hundred miles an hour. Currently, due to nursery, school, work, after-school activities, running a home, spending time with family and friends, getting set for holidays, organising childcare for summer, booking dentist appointments, buying food, shopping and the like, life feels like one big hamster wheel. Now and again I might just want to hop off.

I’ve forgotten the benefits of eating well – healthy and balanced with a little of what I fancy. I’ve forgotten that water is better for our bodies (and minds) than six frantically snatched and half-drunk cups of tea on the go. I’ve forgotten that sitting on my backside with a book I like, or in front of the television catching up on reruns of Brothers and Sisters for an entire evening is allowed. I’ve forgotten that relaxing, switching off and letting others pitch in to help is not just good, but essential. After all, I can only give my all to everyone and everything else if I give to myself first.

So, in an attempt to nurture the relationship I have with myself, I’ve booked a day off work, yes nursery and school run and making breakfast and dinner still top and tail the day, but in between I’m reading a book, I’m booked in for a massage and I’ve had a toasted bacon sandwich and a hot cup of tea.

It’s long overdue and just my way of jumping off the hamster wheel for a bit. What’s yours?

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