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Remember what really matters on Valentine’s Day

Stuart Valentine

This article first appeared in Scotland on Sunday. For many couples, Valentine’s Day is simply something to be ignored – an overly commercialised and artificial event designed to encourage us to spend money that we can ill afford. This perhaps understandable reaction fails, however, to make the most of an opportunity for couples to take…

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Mark Stalker: Recently Separated with Kids? What Next?

Continuing our series of blogs for Child Contact Centre Awareness Week (22-26 April), Mark Stalker tackles the difficult subject of managing recent separation. If you’ve recently separated from your partner and have children then you don’t need me to tell you how stressful the whole situation can be. It’s a time which can be really…

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Sarah on The Challenges of Single Parenting

Child and parent holding hands

As part of Child Contact Centre Awareness Week (22-26 April), Guest bloggerSarah from Glasgow Mummy shares her moving experience as a single parent. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had never imagined that I’d be in my current situation… separated with a two year old boy & bouncing baby girl at the…

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How Divorcées can Survive Valentine’s Day

This is a special guest post from Maggie Currie. Going through divorce often leaves you feeling that you have nobody to rely on, other than yourself. So take advantage of you and really look after yourself on this day. Turn the focus of your attention to you. Buy yourself something special, something you will really…

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What is success?

By one of those strange quirks that occur I found out unofficially this week that I have achieved all of the Relationships Scotland course requirements and am now an Accredited Mediator with FM West. Clearly I was very pleased and relieved that all the work I have done has been worthwhile. But not having the…

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Do you inspire yourself?

Recently while watching the Olympics and especially the Paralympics, I have been consistently struck by the dedication and commitment shown by people from all over the world in all kinds of events and circumstances. During a recent discussion about what should qualify as an Olympic event, I said something that requires skill, commitment and practice…

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What is happiness?

I’ve come across the question, “What is happiness?” in a few places in the past couple of weeks. In general, I like simple things: spending time with family, a good book, a wee relaxing drink at the weekend. There are times when I look forward to something because it’s different or not the norm. At…

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What three things make you most happy?

A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world. – Joseph Addison What three things make you most happy? Were you able to answer that easily? I was at a lovely wedding party last week with a group of work colleagues. A great wee band called Hitched played such a variety…

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Mediation or meditation?

So the schools in Scotland have closed for the summer – and the rain has poured down ever since. I have to confess that this has suited me very well as it has meant that I am quite happy to be at home and getting on with completing my written assignments to gain accreditation in…

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Looking after number 1

In recent months I’ve discovered what happens when you don’t invest in one key relationship in your life. I’ve continued to plough all my energies and efforts into the many relationships with friends, family and colleagues that I am very fortunate to have, but I forgot about one important person; one relationship that when left…

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