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Posts by Pauline Nimmo

Child Contact Centre Awareness Week: Myths and Truths

Family Walking

  It’s Child Contact Centre Awareness Week in Scotland and in Europe. For those who are unaware of what a child contact centre does, Pauline Nimmo addresses some common myths and truths to shed more light.              Myths Child Contact Centres are full of junkies, paedophiles and alcoholics. CCC are not full of ‘junkies, paedophiles…

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Christmas dinners

It starts in our house with me asking hubby to go up the loft for the tree and decorations, usually about September to give him plenty of time to say he’ll do it at the weekend and then never do it. Then, the night of the tree going up, in my haphazard and non-creative fashion,…

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Plastic books

I am an avid reader. I love reading and always have done. I can remember getting ready to go on holiday as a child and the most important item to pack was my book. Yes, I am a bookworm. I am never without a book. I love the smell of a new book and I…

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Kids on the road

I had no idea that teenagers were in possession of special powers that enabled them to walk in front of cars and be invincible. What? They can’t? Someone better tell all those kids then … Despite my attempt at the kind of sarcasm teenagers do so well, I do feel strongly about this and am…

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Do you inspire yourself?

Recently while watching the Olympics and especially the Paralympics, I have been consistently struck by the dedication and commitment shown by people from all over the world in all kinds of events and circumstances. During a recent discussion about what should qualify as an Olympic event, I said something that requires skill, commitment and practice…

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What is happiness?

I’ve come across the question, “What is happiness?” in a few places in the past couple of weeks. In general, I like simple things: spending time with family, a good book, a wee relaxing drink at the weekend. There are times when I look forward to something because it’s different or not the norm. At…

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Game on

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this issue. How long should the kids spend on their games consoles and hidden away in their rooms? It’s a harder question now than ever before because there is such a social – I use the word loosely – aspect to it all now. Our soon-to-be…

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The pros and cons of summer holidays

The recent unseasonably lovely weather has caused us here in the office to start counting down the days to our holidays with much excitement and anticipation. I am a firm believer in getting away somewhere, especially in the summer, no matter where to and for how long. I am one of those people who gets…

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Child contact centres are here to help

We’ve just had child contact centre awareness week and another successful drop-in day to promote our centre so I feel compelled to say a few things about it. I have been involved with the child contact centre for all the too-long-to-remember time I’ve been with my service. While doing my counselling diploma I applied for…

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