As we enter a New Year many of us will have made resolutions. Gym memberships soar as we endeavour to work off the excess of Christmas and become physically healthier. But what of our of relational health? Just as the excess of Christmas might affect physical wellbeing, it can also affect mental wellbeing.

The commercialism of Christmas portrayed joy and harmony; families gathered to share food, gifts and love. A time of wonder, with high expectations – for one day of the year.
Here at Relationships Scotland we statistically see a different picture. Many people contact our services after the holiday period as Christmas often exposes the vulnerabilities of relationships. The high expectations have created stress; the gifts often cause financial strain and the comparison of reality with the ideal of the ‘commercial’ Christmas has resulted in disillusionment.

Relational health is crucial, for if we are happy in our relationships, whether it be with our partners, family, friends or work colleagues, we are also happy within ourselves. If our relationships are good, everything else falls into place.

So, if you feel that Christmas has impacted negatively on your relationship, we are here to help. Just pick up the phone to the Member Service close to you and arrange to speak to someone who understands. You will find details through our website It might not take long to explore or get you back on track, but will be well worth it – even more so than the gym membership!

Fiona Cook, Head of Practice for Counselling

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