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In August 2014 we will be launching a major piece of research exploring the state of the UK’s relationships. The report gives us a snapshot of all kinds of relationships, from couples to colleagues. To help us to bring the research to life and show what it means to different people across Scotland we would like to speak to you if you are happy to share your experiences. Here’s some examples of personal stories we are looking for:

– How money worries have placed a strain on your family relationships.

– An affair which you or your partner have had. We’re keen to hear from people who have separated and couples who have managed to survive an affair.

– How you make your relationship a success. We’re particularly keen to hear from couples aged 65+.

– Feeling like your work/life balance is way out of kilter.

– Having to leave a job because workplace relationships became so strained.

– Your sex life. Good, bad or indifferent.

We plan to get the research featured in the press in Scotland to help encourage people to get in touch with us if they need support in their relationships. By sharing your story you could help us to do that.

Please drop us an email with your name, telephone number and the topic you’d like to speak openly about. Alternatively call our Head of Communications, Ross McCulloch, on 0845 119 2020.

If your story is appropriate we would pay any out of pocket expenses (travel, lunch, etc) to interviews.

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