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Whether it’s the reindeer jumper your aunt Mabel knitted you in 1987 or the David Hasselhoff aftershave your dad bought you in 1991 we want to hear about the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received. We realise it’s the thought that counts but some presents are so bad they’re funny.

You can tell us on Twitter using the #TopTenXmas hashtag. Alternatively you can tell us your worst Xmas present on our Facebook page. Each time you tweet/post you’ll be entered in to the draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher, there’s no limit to the amount of times you can post/enter.

We’ll also compile the best ones in to a Top Ten Worst Christmas Presents blog post. We’ll have your Top Ten Xmas Movies up soon!

Entries close Midnight GMT Fri 14th Dec.

The small print

  • Employees of Relationships Scotland or affiliated services are not eligible for the prize but can tweet/post their suggestions!
  • The winning entry will be selected at random.
  • Our decision is final.


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