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How separated parents can survive Christmas

child xmas - Some rights reserved by Lars Plougmann via Flickr Creative Commons

Christmas should be a magical time of year for families, a chance to come together, open presents and have fun. For families who have gone through the turmoil of a divorce it can mean heightened emotions and stress as they try to do what’s best for their children despite their separation. What starts out as…

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Christmas dinners

It starts in our house with me asking hubby to go up the loft for the tree and decorations, usually about September to give him plenty of time to say he’ll do it at the weekend and then never do it. Then, the night of the tree going up, in my haphazard and non-creative fashion,…

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How to avoid a Christmas crime scene

The idea of an extended family get-together can be absolutely the best thing about Christmas for many people, but for some, we have to acknowledge, it can be the most stressful. Even in intact families problems can arise if in-laws don’t get along: I’m lucky with my own in-laws so I asked a counsellor colleague,…

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A new kind of Christmas

And so Christmas approaches again and it’s almost a year since my dad died. It will be a strange time, with a mixture of sadness, being without my dad, and happiness at potentially having more freedom to be with Sara, as I’m now a former carer. Anyway, this can be a very interesting time when…

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A cup o’ kindness

So here we are on the third day of December and already the Christmas hysteria has begun. Please do not think me a “Bah humbug!” curmudgeon: it’s good that we have something to look forward to celebrating in the dark winter months, but I do feel that expectations are so high that the reality can…

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10 Christmas survival tips for couples

 Gill O’Connell of Relationship Counselling Highland offers some sound advice on getting through the festive season. The story goes: Christmas is about joy, harmony and love. The reality is, though, that it is hard for even the most relaxed people to get through to Boxing Day without some crisis in their family or relationship. When there…

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Tell us your favourite Christmas movie – win a £25 Amazon voucher!

cinema seats

Whether it’s the feel good classic ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ or something a little more leftfield like Die Hard, everyone has a favourite Christmas film. We’d love to hear from you what Xmas films make you cry or laugh out loud time and time again. You can tell us on Twitter using the aptly titled #TopTenXmas hahstag. Alternatively you…

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Jangle bells?

This December, several thousand families across Scotland will be facing their first Christmas separated or divorced. It is hard for even the most relaxed family to get through to Boxing Day without some crisis, tantrum or disaster, but when there is the added pressure of a family living apart because of separation or divorce, the…

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