Information for Young People and Children

Children and Young People often find that there are a lot of changes to cope with when their parents decide to separate. Here are some ideas that might be helpful. Click on the links to read the information, or to download the booklet.

Books for children and young people that might be helpful

There are many excellent resources available for parents and children of all ages who are experiencing divorce and separation. The following are offered as a place to start looking.

Information for Adults


Parenting Apart Resources

Research tells us that children thrive with warm, reliable, co-operative parenting – whether parents live together or live apart. We also know that there can sometimes be particular challenges for separated parents.

These resources will give you some ideas about how you and your children’s other parent can put your children first and move forward positively.

The Messages for Parents booklet has four sections: What do children need to hear?; What helps?; Communication and Conflict; Families come in all shapes and sizes. Click on the link to read the information in that section, or to download the entire booklet.

It is important to understand what your children are thinking and feeling about your current situation.  Click on the ‘Listening to Your Children’s Views’ link to read some information, or to download a leaflet about this.

You can read messages from children, in general, about what helps them through the process of separation and divorce by clicking on the 'What Most Children Say' link.


Messages for parents

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Books for parents that might be helpful

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