Sonya Murray

I am Sonya Murray, a mum of three, enjoying the daily juggle of life/work/parenting. I also have a dog called Max who is a very big labradoodle … a bit crazy, but good fun. My background is in midwifery and adult education with experience ranging from fertility to parenting. I am also director of the Baby Gurus, a dynamic education company for parents and companies. The Baby Gurus have created programmes like Corporate Bumps and First Aid 4 Babies, which give knowledge and confidence to new parents. I have always had an interest in research. We have recently completed a project with Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) on mental health awareness for new parents. I am currently working with the University of Glasgow on improving support for working mothers and the effects of very complicated legislation.

In my blog, I’ll be looking at the more practical side of parenting, both the highs and the lows, with a little humour and honesty. There will be time-saving tips, resources worth a peek and ideas for making parenting a little easier. No magic wand, just a bit of common sense.

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